Pride and Prejuice

Pride and Prejuice

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8, April 2011

Why People should Be Vegetarian

Most people do not realize that, “more than 10 billion land animals [were]
raised for food each year in the United States” Brower (2002). To begin with, the vegetarianism had started in India in the 5th century by a religious people at that time. Also, the rise of vegetarian in India was founded in May 1511. Moreover, in 1908 the vegetarianism had become an organized global movement by joining popularity when the International Vegetarian Union was founded in Germany. Consequently, the proportion of vegetarians in the Western world are between 1,5% to 2,5% while the ratio in India almost 40%. Therefore, studies have shown that vegetarian do not actually suffer from a lack of any of the Essen Vitamins and proteins tail to live. The calcium, an important protein consumes it from eggs or milk. Furthermore, the vitamins and others take it from the fruit and vegetable. However, there are three important reasons for being vegetarian: benefiting health, economy, and environment.

The first important reason for being vegetarian is because of the health benefits. Therefore first health benefit, existence as a vegetarian provided more energy to improved the physical fitness and the mental health. For example, according to Maharaj (2005) “vegetarians have felt more energetic, not only physically, but also mentally”. Also, as stated by Maharaj (2005) [Also they] “improved efficiency and concentration in their physical as well as intellectual work”. Second health benefit, being vegetarian support us to avoid high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart attack. Furthermore, as stated by Leitzmann (2005) “the benefit arise from lower intakes of saturated fat, cholesterol and animal protein as well as higher intakes of complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber, magnesium, folic acid”. Third health benefit, being vegetarian provided more Vitamins and fibers to accessed health advantage....

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