Prime Cell Case Study

Prime Cell Case Study

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Case Study C1 — PrimeCell
Jason Aldous
Norwich University
MBA Seminar 1 — Strategic Resource Management

From: Bill Welch

To: Sally Gates

Subject: Suggested strategy with PrimeCell Northeast Region CSB

Date: March 22, 2008

1.0 Situation Summary: PrimeCell occupies a solid position nationally and regionally as a provider of pay-as-you-go cell phone service. The Northeast region is an especially competitive marketplace in which we currently hold a 22 percent market share, placing us second among four similar providers. The current internal threat to that market share is the continued high number of complaints related to this division.
The PrimeCell Northeast Region Customer Service Branch (CSB) is comprised of five customer service representatives (CSRs) who report directly to me. I have been here for just over a month now and feel that I have had sufficient time to gather enough data, and make enough qualitative observations, to form some working hypotheses and a short-term action plan.

While having taken over under somewhat difficult circumstances, as you know, I feel that the current situation is not irreparable by any means, and that substantial improvements can be made within a reasonably short time frame with the allocation of a nominal amount of additional resources and utilizing current staff. Already in just the short time that I have been here, we have seen a 4.8 percent reduction in customer complaints in March, month-to-date compared with all of February. I think simply having new leadership has added a certain amount of stability to the environment, but that effect is likely only temporary without additional organizational improvements.

A great deal more work needs to be done to specifically address:
• A lack of consistency in the customer experience
• The effectiveness of current customer service systems
• The consistent implementation of current best practices in customer service
2.0 Key Problem:...

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