Princess Diana's Funeral

Princess Diana's Funeral

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Princess Diana’s Funeral

Diana, Princess of Wales, was the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales. She

was a gentle, loving woman who cared greatly about less-fortune people. She was very

smart and beautiful. All over the world she was a symbol of selfless humanity. When I

first found out that Princess Diana had been killed in a car accident I cried at the thought

of a life being taken at such a young age. I liked her so much and could not get over the

fact that she was dead. I always wanted to go to Britain and see her with my mom. I was

crying so bad because it was too late. She was a hero to me and I decided that I have to be

on that funeral. Princess Diana’s death was very moving for me because I felt like she

was a part of my family, a person I cared about.

Diana’s funeral was a day for grieving. Millions of people came to the funeral.

At the Princess’ funeral, the two boys were so very brave walking for so long through

public streets, following their mother’s coffin with their father, Prince Charles. I do not

know if I could have done that. The beautiful little bouquet of flowers on the Princess’

coffin and a small card with only one word on it- Mummy- was so hearts wrenching. To

lose a parent so suddenly at such a young age, as others have experienced, is

indescribably shocking and sad.

The most moving part, the saddest part for me, was listening to Elton John’s

song, called “Candle in the wind”. How could anyone who knew Princess not be in tears?

Even people in the streets were crying for the death of their hero. Hearing that song, I had

shivers down my spine. Some of the crowd wept, some applauded quietly, but most

watched in silence. I have never seen a funeral like this before. I did not expect people to

cry so much and scream her name. Looking at everything that was happening on

September 6th, 1997 was incredible. I could not put my...

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