Principle Belifs of Islam

Principle Belifs of Islam

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The Principal beliefs of Islam

Articles of faith for Islam

The term "Aqida" is an Arabic word meaning creed. However, there is no single formulation that has been agreed upon by all Muslims.
Despite the absence of any single authoritative creed there are, nevertheless five basic articles of belief which are clearly set out in the Qur'an. These beliefs are known as the Aqida. These are belief in Allah, belief in the prophets, belief in angels, belief in the scripture and belief in the day of judgment.
The articles of faith explained in the Aqida as:
o Tawhid
o Angels (mala’ika)
o Books of Allah (kutubu’llah)
o Rusul (Prophecy)
o Akhira ( Life after death)
o Fate/predestination (al’Qudr)

Using this lesson in the computer room:
1. Outline the main features of each of the articles of faith.

• The belief in one God, the only God who is eternal and in control of the universe.
• The opposite of Tawhid is shirk (idolatry), which is worshiping someone other than God. Muslims regard this as the worst and only unpardonable sin.
• The alone is in control of the universe.
• No other should be associated with Allah

The heart of faith for all Muslims is obedience to Allah's will.

• Allah is eternal, omniscient, and omnipotent...
o Allah has always existed and will always exist.
o Allah knows everything that can be known.
o Allah can do anything that can be done.
• Allah has no shape or form...
o Allah can't be seen.
o Allah can't be heard.
o Allah is neither male nor female.
• Allah is just...
o Allah rewards and punishes fairly.
o But Allah is also merciful.
• A believer can approach Allah by praying, and by reciting the Qur'an.
• Muslims worship only Allah...
o because only Allah is worthy of worship.

All Muslims believe that God...

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