Principle Features of Fote SC Compound Cone Crusher

Principle Features of Fote SC Compound Cone Crusher

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SC cone crusher is an secondary crushing plant famous for high pressure resistance. In other words, cone crusher is prime choice for hard material or mid-hard material. PF impact crusher is famous for its shaping function. The final products of PF impact crusher is mainly cubic shape. Therefore, if you have strict requirement for sand shape, we will advise PF impact crusher as secondary crushing plant. If you want to cut nard material or md-hard material, we will advise you yo use cone crusher, especially SC cone crusher , which is better for you. On the other hand,SC compound cone crusher is suitable for stationary and mobile applications.

Main customer benefits of SC compound cone crusher: The reasons why SC cone crusher is more used widely is that it can brings many benefits for customers. As for costs,it has high capacity and high equipment quality. Above all, it doesn't break down easily, which can help you save reparing costs. and then it has easy and cost-effective maintenance,and easy to operate. Here are principle features of SC compound cone crusher:

1.Simple structure, smooth operation, stable performance and leading output;

2.The crusher frame adopts cast steel or CO2 protection welding and heat treatment, which makes it more durable;

3.All easily worn parts adopt manganese steel protection to prolong the service life of the crusher;

4.Spring lock device provides stable crushing force and iron release protection;

5.The hydraulic cylinder for chamber cleaning can remove the aggregate and uneasily-breakable materials quickly to shorten the maintenance time;

6.The material-discharging opening is hydraulically adjustable which makes it more convenient, quick and accurate;

7.Labyrinth type dust-proof seal can keep lubricant clear;

8.Through finish machining, the mounting face of moving and fixed gear plates can be easily and quickly replaced;

9.Lubrication system is equipment with scavenge oil and temperature protective...

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