Principles of Economics

Principles of Economics

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PPE 0015
Principles of Economics I

Foundation in Management

Group Assignment

- to enable students to communicate and interact effectively and confidently
- to inculcate the teamwork spirit among students
- to produce students who are highly motivated and capable of continuous self-improvement and self-development.

Important rules for Assignment:
• This is a group assignment with each group not exceeding 6 students.
• Each group will be given a different question.
• Group leader is responsible to furnish the name list of the group to the respective lecturers.
The assignment must be typed on standard A4 size white paper with Times New Roman font, size 12 and double spacing.
The length of the assignment should be around 5-10 pages.
Name of group members, students ID, e-mail addresses, and lecturer’s name must be included in the front page of the assignment.
Article must be attached to the assignment for submission.
Plagiarism is a serious offense. Students are advised to avoid plagiarism by properly acknowledging sources
The deadline for submission is will be communicated to you expressly.
Late submission will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances and may be subject to a penalty deduction of marks.

ooArticle 1: Water Scarcity
Water scarcity occurs where there are insufficient water resources to satisfy long-term average requirements. It refers to long-term water imbalances, combining low water availability with a level of water demand exceeding the supply capacity of the natural system.
Although water scarcity often happens in areas with low rainfall, human activities add to the problems in particular in areas with high population density, tourist inflow, intensive agriculture and water demanding industries.
Losses of water in the supply network are often substantial in several water scarce regions in Europe. For example in France and Spain as much as 30 % and 24%-34 % of water is lost...

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