Principles to increase trust

Principles to increase trust

As a leader, I identified top 5 Principles of Trust that are important to me. I have described below that how I would use these principles to build and maintain trust within my company teams.

1. Keep Commitments – A leader should stick to his promises. He should use this principle to motivate his team to reach project goals. I would set realistic goals for my team members and create an achievement sheet to describe how they’ll be awarded when they reach their goals and meet project goals. If a team member reaches his goal, he will be awarded without any uncertainty. In this way team members will build more trust for me and grow within the organization.

2. Practice Accountability – A great leader is the one who assumes responsibility if anything goes wrong in the project under his leadership. A leader should come forward proactively to take the accountability. If my team is following my directions and gets caught into puzzling state in front of client’s questions, I’ll support my team’s approach and accept critical feedbacks on me. This way my team will notice that I am shielding them from client and showcasing them in a good way.

3. Show Loyalty – It is a motivational principle generally used during performing stage of the team. Team members who perform well should be encouraged. I prefer to celebrate their success within the team. It helps in team building too. I’ll take it forward and invite team member to higher level meetings and talk about his achievements and abilities to perform. It establishes a lot of trust within the team if leader is recognizing and appreciating team member’s success

4. Create Transparency – Leader should talk through all the issues and the challenges for the team and project. Being at higher position, he would have first-hand access to the important company information. He should not hide any bitter truth or organization’s plan. I would ensure that any available information essential for my team shall be communicated...

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