Prison overcrowding

Prison overcrowding


Julissa Bautista

Bryant Stratton College


Corrections- M. Sullivan

Date: 3/2/2015

The United States is considered to have the highest incarceration rate in the world holding roughly millions people and the overcrowding of the inmates has become a major problem for the prison system. With the overcrowding in the prison the inmates have less to go around. Another effect the prisoners have with the increased population in the prisons is that it leads to illness and suffering. Prisoners who are in situations of over crowdedness there tend to be more aggression and competition for resources with less cooperation and more social withdrawal.

Prison overcrowding is becoming a major financial and controversial problem in the United States. The prison population is increasing rapidly, length of sentences must be reconsidered and drug offender should go through rehabilitation programs. Prison overcrowding has become a major concern in the United States. The war on drugs has caused a divesting increase in the population of prisons across the country. Overcrowding of both state and federal prison system has become serious problem. The overcrowding problems become worse and more difficult to solve by the year. According to (Maurer, 2014).the annual growth of inmates is about 10%. The continual growth of the current overcrowding problem has recently raised constitutional issues concerning prisoners.

The effect problem of prison overcrowding is a complex problem. According to (Dolovich, 2012). Prison overcrowding has become a threat to the officials in prison as well. The main causes of this problem lie outside the prison system and therefore not within control. The level of overcrowding of the inmates in the prisons varies in different countries and does not depend on the population of the inmates in a country but rather the ability of the country prison to accommodate them. Many correctional facilities...

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