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AShford University |
Where has the Privacy Gone |
Kristy LaLonde |
Eng. 122 English Composition |
Larissa Purvis |
4/17/2013 |

In this paper I will try to figure out just why privacy is so hard to find in the 21st Century. |

Where has the Privacy Gone
In the 21st Century we tend to rely on technology. This has caused a lot of problems for the privacy of people. It seems that privacy no longer exists. Not only for the computer world, but also just in everyday life. Privacy is something everyone is looking for, but is hard to find these days. So, we ask ourselves is privacy still out there. This is what I am seeking to discovery. Is it still possible to have privacy in today’s world?
There is technology out there that is capable of helping to protect our privacy, however it is very expensive.”And since marketing decisions generally respond to cost and demand, the push for privacy-enhancing technologies is not that great.” (Summer 2000): 85-87. It seems the world today is more worried about how much things cost, then they are about their own privacy. This is a crazy way to look at things in my option, because of the fact we lose so much this way. This opens the doors for things like Identity Thief and hackers that get into our personal stuff with a push of a button.
In today’s world computers and phones seem to make life easier. We use them for everything from communicating with long distance friends to paying our bills without leaving home. We think it is safe, because they say so. Yet, we purposely give private information to unseen sources and trust that it’s ok. “There are so many reasons privacy is eroding. Many people freely surrender personal details on social media sites or in exchange for a discount.” It seems so much easier to go to our computer and put our private information in and be done with it. Yet, in today’s world that is a good way to get caught in the middle of Identity Theft or on-line stockers. These things seem to...

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