Private and Public

Private and Public

What's really the difference between private and public?

We all know that when something's private it is kept to one's self or to a group of people.. just like a secret.. and public when it's known to many people..

But what's the difference?

But there's more to private and public not just to it's popularity or if it's known or not.. we should know which things are to be private and which are to be publicized.

it's your own decision in which if you want to privatize or publicize something.. Of course acts that are out of this world are to be privatize, like picking our nose.. that's so eyw.. anyways, although it can be of concern there are still people and organizations which publicize these things by which we should not take them as good examples..

also, knowing which are to be privatize and publicize is good for you can hurt someone if you publicize something or you privatize something.

Not everything should be kept to yourself, others should be publicize. It's knowing your role in the society. Without you there is no society and without society there is no you. As the saying goes: "No Man is an Island." In this respect we are expected to keep our lives open to others at the same time we should also be careful o what to show the public and the society.

We should have our sociological imagination wherein we relate situations in which we live our daily lives to the local, national and global societal issues that affect them. For example nowadays, people discuss of family planning. Why? Because they are concern of the society and of overpopulation which will hinder the growth of their society and their country which eventually will be in history. We should be concern of the public as well.

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