Private Coaching for Public Excellence

Private Coaching for Public Excellence

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Private coaching for public excellence
The intensive, effective, and confidential fast-track to crowd-pleasing interpersonal skills

Customized private coaching puts you on the fast-track to effective communications. You choose this program because you demand coaching that's intensive, results-oriented, and confidential.

Private coaching for public excellence grooms you for success … in business … in politics … in the boardroom … at the podium … facing the media. You tell us where you're going and who you need to speak to on the way – and we'll devise a communication program that fits.

Perhaps you need to prepare for a single, crucial event – professional testimony, a media appearance, a political speech, a stockholder meeting, a conference address, a courtroom battle – or perhaps you want to improve your interpersonal skills for long-term career development. Whatever your needs, we construct the coaching program that delivers.

Every Private coaching for public excellence program is unique; each one is tailored to your needs, temperament, and existing skills. The following are broad guidelines.

Private coaching: specific projects or events
This is for the grand event: the day you need to make a big impact, the day you need to sweep your audience off its feet. It could be a sales conference, a multimillion dollar client presentation, a congressional hearing, a product launch, a televised political debate. Whatever it is, we'll help you deliver the most persuasive and credible performance of your life.

Private coaching: speaker skill development
The more influential you become, the more you are called upon to speak … to represent your organization … to lead the sales team … to prime the media … to answer stockholder questions. The skills that prepare you for these events are as varied as the events themselves. For instance, we can help you structure presentations for maximum impact. We can teach you the vocal inflections, body language, and...

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