Private Schooling Support

Private Schooling Support

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Private Schooling essay
By Ruth Joanna Oslington aged 13 17.10.08

Once child graduates from primary school, there is a big decision placed on that child and his or her family. Every year many Australian families need to choose a high school for their son or daughter. For some families, this is simply a geographical matter: “what is the nearest public school?”, but for other children and their families, it is a much more difficult choice. Some families look at a huge number of schools offering secondary education. These families need to take a huge number of matters concerning the school. In the process of deciding, parents consider the cost of the school, the educational program, the travel involved and if that school will be a happy, engaging place for that child. Parents also take into account the social and economic strain on the child and family. E.g.: will parents need to work extra hours to pay school fees? Would four hours travel cut down on family time? Is there too much home work? Families eventually decide on a school – either public or private but the critical factor is cost.

Many families each year are prevented form sending their child to a private school because of the tremendous cost of the school. For example, Sydney Grammar school is an exclusive private school located in the centre of Sydney. It was founded in the early 19th century for as a secondary school aimed to prepare bright young boys for higher education. It has high academic standards and offers an engaging and rich integrated learning program. It is selective school who takes bright boys with a thirst for learning. Last year, four boys finished up with a HSC score of 100. It has a wonderful pastoral care program and offers a range of extra curriculum activates including a wonderful music program, wide range of sports, and it encourages boys to be creative through drama and the arts. Overall, it is an interesting and stimulating environment that nurtures boys...

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