Pro act emploi

Pro act emploi


1. What is a Pro Act Employment?

One of the objectives of the Pro Act Employment (PAE) is to analyze your ability to become (and to remain) an asset on the job market and to get the job you want when the courses end.
Although academicals courses and personal qualities are necessary, there are no longer sufficient to be competitive on the job market.
Now you will also have to:
Make sure your personal and professional projects are consistent
Define your geographical and professional mobility
Run your competencies’ development (training, position 1, position 2,…)
The aim of the Pro Act Employment is to help you knowing you better, knowing your motivations, your competencies and knowing well the job market
This Pro Act will also help you to choose your courses, your experiences (Pro Acts, internships…)
At the end of the academic program you will have elaborated a consistent, realistic and structured personal and professional project to sell to your future employer.

2. How to make a Pro Act Employment?

Go to the Be-U website on the Pro Act Employment part

3. Validation criterion/deadline:
This is the last step of your Pro Act Employment.
You have to send your report to before the deadline.
Your report will be read by a Trajectoires’ coach and you will receive a feedback by mail with:
The result of your Pro Act Employment with a “PASS” or a “FAIL”
Strengths and weaknesses to perfect on you PAE
In order to graduate you must have a “PASS”
“CONDITIONAL PASS” means that you will have to give the coach more information or to correct some details
“FAIL” means that you will have to work with a coach and to present a corrected version of your PAE project otherwise you will not be graduated. It might then take 6 months to get your degree.
BE CAREFUL: if you don’t give your PAE project before the deadline, you might not be graduated for the courant year...

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