Probelm Solution: Harrison Keys Inc.

Probelm Solution: Harrison Keys Inc.

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Problem Solution: Harrison-Keyes Inc.
University of Phoenix
MBA 590
Dr. Joseph Hamel
May 22, 2008

Harrison-Keyes Inc.’s vision is to continue to be a leader in the publishing company. Harrison has experienced a decline in sales and profitability due to a change in the publishing industry. Harrison board of directors hired Meg McGill, the CEO from the high-tech industry to try to improve the company’s bottom line. Meg’s solution was to implement the e publishing initiative to target business and tech users and increase revenue through this new niche. Throughout the implementation process, issues arouse due to poor strategic management, lack of project scope, implementation gaps, organizational politics, and a lack of a project monitoring system. Meg and the leadership team did not realize the severity of the problems of launching the e-book publishing until a few weeks before the system was to go online. Harrison missed many deadlines, incurred unexpected costs, and earned $3 million of $16 million projected for the first half-year sales.
As a result of these issues, the board of directors terminated Meg and hired William Guardo as the new CEO. William is the former president of a competing publisher with 30 years experience. William favors traditional publishing and is not fond of e publishing. After analyzing Harrison current position, his first task is to try to resolve the e publishing issues and try to turn the company around. He has given Jan and the rest of the implantation team four weeks to regroup and figure out how e publishing will be successful and increase sales. If the team is unsuccessful, William will terminate the initiative and reallocate the company’s resources.
Problem Solution: Harrison-Keyes Inc.
The following paper will explore the issues faced by Harrison-Keys Inc. These issues will identify how CEO Meg McGill and her...

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