Proble Solution: Global Communication

Proble Solution: Global Communication

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Problem Solution: Global Communications
Nadia Telemaque-Brathwaite
Kim R. Hinton
February, 26 2007
University of Phoenix

Problem Solution: Global Communications

Global Communication is a telecommunication that have accouter many difficulties with their stock which is causing the company financial hardship. The telecommunication industry has outgrown itself in the last three years. The market has drop50% in the last three years due to many competitions. Global Communication needs to make changes to the company in order to increase growth and became one of the top companies in the industry. In order to make these changes Global Communication has to layoff some of their employees and outsourcers some the job positions to Europe.
The Senior Leaders of Global Communication has proposed some changes to the Board members which they believed will help increase the company stocks. The senior leadership proposed to the Board Members to move some of the technical support call center to India and Ireland which will save the company in the future, the Board members has approved the proposal. These changes in the company have caused a great deal of tension between the Union and Global communication. Global communication did not communicate with the Union about the changes which affect the Unions and the employees they represent. The public admires the relationship between Global communication and its employees; however this situation might persuade the public to think differently about Global communications.
In this paper I will discuss what some of the alternatives Global Communication can use to help increase the companies stocks and rebuilt their relationship with the Union. I will benchmark other companies so Global communication can have some information to compare their experiences with other companies, which will minimize the amount...

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