Problem Based Task

Problem Based Task

CLO 3 : Produce an interactive application program using appropriate Java programming environment.

1. Use JDBC for database connectivity by applying the appropriate steps as follows:
a. Load the driver
b. Define the connection
c. Establish the connection
d. Create a statement object
e. Execute a query
f. Process the results
g. Close the connections
2. Handling SQL statements in JDBC.
3. Develop Applets programs using basic Applets method.
4. Write Applets using GUI components.

1. Start each program with the following sections.
Name :
Registration Number :
Class :
2. Answer the following question.

1. You are required to develop a search system application using the event handling and connection using
JDBC in the program. Your program should include following activity:
a. Create database to store the data.
b. At least five attributes.
c. View all record in text area.
d. Add new record and save it in database.
e. Update and delete record.
f. Search record.
g. Test input entered by the user. If wrong input entered, prompt an appropriate message to user.
h. Use text area to display the appropriate information.
i. Option to exit system.
The application must have the features as below:
a. More than one frame or panel
b. GUI objects as following:
i. Label
ii. Button
iii. TextField/TextArea/PasswordField
iv. ComboBox/ListBox
v. RadioButton/CheckBox
vi. Menu
c. Layout manager as following :
i. FlowLayout
ii. GridLayout
iii. BoxLayout
iv. BorderLayout

d. Use at least one event object below:
i. ActionEvent
ii. ItemEvent
iii. ListSelectionEvent
e. Manipulate data such as :
i. Access record
ii. Update record
iii. Delete record
iv. Search record
2. Write an applet program to calculate a person’s age in days, hours and minutes.
(Hint: 1 year = 365 days)

Marking scheme (Question 1) :
1. The personal...

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