Problem Solution for Intersect Innvestmens: Changes in Financial Trends

Problem Solution for Intersect Innvestmens: Changes in Financial Trends

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Problem Solution: Intersect Investments
Tonya Moore
University of Phoenix

Problem Solution: Intersect Investments
Companies are changing everyday to keep up with technology and market industry. With changes, some companies are very successful and other tends to experience problem with their stakeholders. Intersect Investment is a financial service company that been barely meeting their goals and new changes need to take place quickly.
Intersect Investment have not had any organizational changes in the past four years and they need to implement some before they lose their industry. They have been struggling to keep their customer’s trust, Wall Street’s credibility, and employee turnover rate low. If new changes do not take place immediately, Intersect Investment will be forced to close their organization. With this in mind, Frank Jeffers, the CEO of Intersect Investment, decide to implement changes for the organization by hiring Janet Angelo as the EVP of Marketing and Sales. She is known for her expertise in implementing changes for organization and she has her work cut out for the new changes of Intersect.
Situation Analysis
Issue and Opportunity Identification
In the past four years, Intersect Investment has barely managed to survive due to the changes in their industry. The volatile climate has left many financial firms struggling to keep both their client’s trust and Wall Street’s credulity (University of Phoenix, 2007). A year ago, The CEO of Intersect, Frank Jeffers came up with a new vision to focus on increasing production for the company. The new vision was called “customer intimacy” model and if was to focus on their customer’s values and needs. Frank believes that this new model will increase profit and develop a long term relationship with the customers. Frank has to replace Intersect former EVP of Marketing and Sales because he did not support the new model and he...

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