Problem Solution: Harrison-Keyes Inc.

Problem Solution: Harrison-Keyes Inc.

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Problem Solution: Harrison-Keyes Inc.
Terri Hilliard
University of Phoenix Online
Strategic Implementation and Alignment
Bill Brown
March 1, 2009

Problem Solution: Harrison-Keyes Inc.
Harrison-Keyes is a global publisher of print products for scientific, technical and business books and journals, professional and consumer books, textbooks and other educational materials for all levels of study and holds about 22,700 active titles and publishes about 2000 new titles each year. Harrison-Keyes was founded in 1899 and made its early money publishing the works of literary giants. Harrison-Keyes has suffered the woes plaguing the entire publishing industry. Competition from low-cost retailers eats into profits; publishing companies are finding success -- or even survival -- a challenge. In an effort to revitalize the company, the Harrison-Keyes Board of Directors recently hired a new CEO, Meg McGill. The new CEO Meg McGill has made it clear that she wants the e-book program to be successful (University of Phoenix, 2009).
Harrison-Keyes has begun to implement a project plan to revitalize the company but Harrison-Keyes was not correctly prepared when the e-book project was initiated and failed to get the support of the authors and has put the project in jeopardy. In order to correct and implement the plan successfully, Harrison-Keyes will need to define the problem and identify its unique issues and opportunities. Stakeholder perspectives and ethical dilemmas and a discussion of benchmarking findings to validate such research in order to find suitable alternatives, evaluate such alternatives, identify and assess risks, as well as evaluate end results.
Describe the Situation
Issue and Opportunity Identification
Harrison-Keys has not implemented a good strategy to really kick off the project which has lead the company in not meeting the deadlines. Communication seems to be an...

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