Problem Solution: Interclean, Inc

Problem Solution: Interclean, Inc

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Problem Solution: InterClean, Inc.
Rashaun Pringle
University of Phoenix
Dr. James Ramere
MBA/530: Human Capital Development

Problem Solution: InterClean, Inc.
InterClean Inc. is a leader in the industrial cleaning and sanitation industry. Despite InterCleans’ success David Spencer, CEO, wants to change the organizational strategy. He believes that changing from a product/sales model to a solution/service model will help InterClean become the outright leader in the sanitation industry. David knows that redirecting the focus of the corporate strategy to include product knowledge and the ability to create a service package for customers will help achieve this goal. The change comes at a good time because InterClean has acquired EnviroTech, Inc., a market competitor and company with service expertise. The merger supports the new strategy perfectly and now human resource must align the organization structure with the strategy. InterClean merging with EnviroTech and implementing the solution/service model caused several issues to arise within the company. Human resources (HR) tried to align organizational structure with strategy. Human resources believe that the employees are major assets; effective organizations recognize that employees have value, and that employees are a valuable source of sustainable competitive advantage (University of Phoenix, 2008).
This problem solution will provide insight regarding the issues and opportunities, stakeholder perspectives/ethical dilemmas, and problem statement of InterClean. Additionally, the InterCleans’ end state vision along with alternative solutions, an analysis of alternative solutions, risk assessments and mitigation techniques will be provided. The optimal solution, implementation plan, and evaluation of results along with corresponding tables will conclude this problem solution.

Situation Analysis
Issue and Opportunity...

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