Problem Solving- Obesity

Problem Solving- Obesity

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Obesity has become a concern for many people in our culture. Obesity can be observed in all walks of life. In previous decades, the topic of weight is prevalent among people. Not many people completely satisfied with their weight and they are looking for ways to improve their physical appearance. Human being require food to grow, reproduce and maintain good health especially children. Although human beings need food to survive, many people consume too much, choose the wrong kind of food to eat and lack of regular exercise. These lead to the body putting on weight. Therefore, there are several solutions that can be taken to prevent the obesity such as having a balanced diet, exercise regularly and the government’s role to educate the public.

The leading cause of obesity is one’s eating habit. An ordinary person should practice a diet consisting of an average of three to four meals a day, which are the breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. Obesity occurs when a person consumes more than the ordinary diet. An obese patient consumes double the portion of a meal. The consumption of food by these patients usually contains a high level of calories, carbohydrate, sugar and fat. These elements are the main factors of obesity. Adding to this, they nibble on snacks and light food all the time. This act may not seem harmful but the regular and continuous consumption makes the portion of intake large. Therefore, it is strongly advised by medical experts that one should use the food pyramid as a guide when planning our meals. Our meals should contain the lowest level of calories, carbohydrate, sugar and fat yet an increasing intake of fiber and water as these elements absorb cholesterol and toxins. Moreover, it also helps our digestive system function smoothly. These steps in controlling eating habits may help in reducing the case of obesity.

One way to prevent obesity by practicing regular exercises. The modern lifestyle have made people to become more and more...

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