Problem Statement Analysis Mgmt 521

Problem Statement Analysis Mgmt 521

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Running head: Problem Statement Analysis

Problem Statement Analysis: Understanding the Importance of Human Resources
Katie Traviglia
University of Phoenix
Professor Les Colgrove
Monday August 3, 2009

Problem Statement Analysis: Understanding the Importance of Human Resources
Understanding where one wants there company to go in five to seven years can often be difficult when one is Kathy Kudler of Kudler Foods, (ecampus, Kudler Fine Foods, 2003). Kathy Kudler is managing three locations and trying to further expand the Kudler Fine Foods Chain and while she is attempting to manage the locations, the personnel, the employment issues, the products as well as the day to day operations and by doing so, nothing is being done as effectively as it could be.
With Kudler Foods loosing a great deal of its potential business as well as its potential profits due to Kathy participating in more activities that she should are negatively affecting the business. Effective Human Resources departments are essential to successful business practices. The bureau of labor makes statements on how a business needs human resources, especially businesses that wish to grow. “As your business is growing and you are evaluating the competencies needed to ensure your business can succeed think twice about who you assign the measurement of employee productivity. Regardless of where you decided those tasks should land be assured that your competition is putting the financial resources towards getting the right person with the right experience in the doors of their company,” (HR Group International, Inc., 2009).Human resource professionals will help companies achieve the successes and goals that they are looking to achieve. “HR is the partner in your business that is the expert on people and human behavior. If they are not, they are the wrong people,” (HR Group International, Inc., 2009).
The problems that Kudler food is facing are many, and the problems range in severity....

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