Problem Statement and End Vision Kudler Fine Foods

Problem Statement and End Vision Kudler Fine Foods

RUNNING HEAD: Problem statement and end vision

Problem Statement and End Vision for Kudler Fine Foods

Sandy Dalton
University of Phoenix


Karen E. Evans

February 20, 2011

Problem Statement

Kudler Fine Foods is a sole proprietorship that has several issues that could develop into problems. Analyzing the weaknesses listed in the strategic plan revealed the situations of high perishable goods, high pay roll, geographic limitations, and small management. The main issue is the management style of Kathy Kudler, the owner. Kathy Kudler is the only person in charge of the purchasing process and other management responsibilities that will prevent the expansion geographically and other possible opportunities.

Kudler Fine Foods

Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) is a gourmet grocery store that has a vision to provide customers with the finest selection of food products. The first store to open is in La Jolla. This store is successful with strong sales from the start and is continuing to grow. The existing opportunities for KFF can be numerous based on the businesses’ current standing. The company’s strengths include no true direct competition, many choices for the customer, repeat customers, and good customer relations. KFF may be in a position to become a gourmet grocery leader and possibly create a trademark of high quality products. Once in position, the trademark can be distributed out of the current area, possibly by using Internet sales, which gives the opportunity for future store expansion. Another option for Kathy is to create a franchise business of Kudler Fine Foods. This could turn the company into a grocery store chain and expand geographically based on the same approach used with the La Jolla location. This option gives Kathy the opportunity to concentrate on just one store. The time would exist to develop other areas such as catering services or marketing. The franchise option gives the opportunity possibly to retire...

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