Problems and Solutions of Unemployment

Problems and Solutions of Unemployment

In this age of change, unemployment is causing great concern. In this essay, I intend to describe several problems caused by this issue as well as possible solutions to it.

First of all, unemployment seems to hit individuals hardest. For an individual who is used to working, unemployment can be devastating. This is mainly because of the lack of income, which is the most tangible effect of it. Consequently, they will probably have no enough resources to make a living. More seriously, the jobless may lose their self respect, goals and sense of achievement, which can result in mental diseases such as insomnia, depression, etc. Second of all, there are also important impacts on society as a whole. For instance, governments have to pay the unemployment benefits to those who do not have a job and, at the same time, have to lose tax earnings. Moreover, unemployment may contribute to a higher crime rate since the unemployed people may feel desperate and even break the law.

It is believed that the causes of unemployment are diverse, so the solutions should also be varied. Firstly, some policies can be made to shorten the work time for one employee and let work be shared. Owing to sharing work more unemployed people can go back there and start working again. Secondly, some organizations can provide more training and education to the unemployed, which could help improve computer skills and communication. As a result, these people will become more confident and employable.

To conclude, problems caused by the issue of unemployment can be huge. Thus, governments must take actions to solve them before they go out of control.

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