Problems with Overpopulation

Problems with Overpopulation

It is indeed a fact that a dramatic increase in population causes various problems not only among
the poor, undeveloped countries but for developing nations as well. This problem should be
properly addressed for it has tremendous effects primarily in our society. It seriously puts additional
burden in our government.

Apparently, it is observed that unemployment has already been a major problem in our country. I dare say
that this problem can be attributed to overpopulation. Thus, many people even those who finished their
studies could no longer find jobs because of few job offerings/ opportunities.

Moreover, the sudden increase in population could also result to high incidence of heinous crimes like
robbery, theft and kidnappings. Some people would engage themselves in unlawful activities for they
are also suffering crisis in which they feel they are unable to cope up.Overpopulation can also result to another serious
problem like corruption which also hampers our economic prosperity. Indeed, sad to say that many workers
in public or private institutions are recieving a meager income. Their salaries are not sufficient enough to provide the
basic needs of their family. For this reason, they will just find other means to augment their income.

Henceforth, it is urgent to pay particular attention to this problem by passing laws to hamper massive
population growth. I believe adopting a two child policy program is essential to avoid this serious problem.
Although providing education is still essential to provide awareness on population growth. However, drastic
measures should be done to prevent overpopulation and a two child policy program is one of the best possible
solutions to this problem.

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