Process Design Matrix

Process Design Matrix

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Process Design Matrix

Complete the process design matrix.

Write an executive summary identifying appropriate design approaches for a selected product and service.

Pick one service with which you are familiar. Complete three to five line items such as production line, self-service, or personal attention approach, on the Process Design Matrix.

Pick one product with which you are familiar. Complete three to five line items such as Job shop, batch, assembly line, or continuous flow approach, on the Process Design Matrix.

Process Design Aspect
Design focal point
To provide quality handyman tools and accessories to consumers for professional or personal use.
Craftsman tools should provide consumers with useful tools for all areas of life.
Front line employees in a production shop to assist machines in creating tools for sale.
Productivity is stressed for quality and quantity of employee performance.
Process design approach
Production line approach is the best process for the production of this product.
Employees are in a production line that monitors products as they are created and goes through the conveyor
Process map
A workflow diagram to bring forth a clearer understanding of a process or series of parallel processes.
Diagram provides the details of the workflow in regards to the creation of the product.
Process Performance Measurement
Formal method to evaluate employee performance and motivate better performance
Success of the product is determined by the employee’s ability to work and produce the products.
Factory location
Main corporate office at Sears in Hoffman Estates, Illinois
Tools are distributed from the main office to Sears locations worldwide.
Facilty layout
The product layout is best used for manufacturing the product because it consists of assembly lines that are assigned to make the products
Products are manufactured at a facility but...

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