Proctor, S

Proctor, S

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According to Proctor (1998), the various philosophical paradigms that already exist in the world of research influences and help the researcher develop their methodology. Proctor highlights the differences in the various positions, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the phenomenologist and positivist approach, with particular interest in establishing the superiority of realism.

The philosophical paradigm that the researcher chooses is therefore a major factor that determines the focus of the methodology to be used and the type of information they will be seeking to find, all of which are incorporated in the stages of the research process. Thus, making sure that the ideas that germinate from philosophy is clearly understood by the researcher aid in justifying the use of techniques in tackling the research objectives and how it fits into the research methodology chosen.

Proctor states that context of the study environment (which includes an awareness of changing legislation and present services a facility offers) and what has already been covered in literature (in this case, marketing theory and practice) are important factors which influence the choice of methodology.

Proctor also highlights the absolute necessity of the researcher in acknowledging their own personal philosophy (“view of the world”) by showing that this may influence the choice of methodology used.
Another thing that the author deems important is the ability of the researcher to maintain a balance between critical awareness and theoretical sensitivity, as these also have a major influence upon all the stages of the research process.

In the conclusion aspect of her article, Proctor discusses all the different issues that can pose as a hindrance in the research. She cautions that the motivation of the researcher and their passion behind the research, as well as how they manage issues and frustrations that develop in the course of the research all affect the overall...

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