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ITM 5300-03



To operate cost effectively Capital State Arena requires competitive prices which commensurate with technical and service requirements. This is where the purchasing agent plays a vital role in managing and operating this process, in particularly to ensure best price and quality is achieved. As a purchasing agent, before finalizing on the vendor should consider these factors.
* Fist purchasing agent should analyze what product is needed for the new facility. It becomes easy to come to a conclusion as in our case committee decided on going for the professional computer controlled console.
* Should research for the available vendors and through the help of other network should gather all the vendor information about the warranty, installation and what features and specifications the vendor is offering about the console.
* New console should be user friendly. Console being user friendly helps the company to accomplish the task with just a touch of few keys to turn the console. Through this cost incurred by hiring a technician will be reduced.
* Should also see if the console is used for only one purpose or can be used for any other use like a teaching aid for the people who can be trained on it and can get hands on experience on the console.
* Console should also have an expandable feature with more control space. It allows the company to lend the console for rent and at the same time catering to the needs of the in house system.
* As the console is computer based it should have an option to upgrade it. Every now and then systems come up with new upgrades and console should be able to meet the trend.
* It is also important for purchasing agent to know what products the console is made of and their pricing, and also to know if it is manufactured in USA as it ensures that any repairs can be dealt in a timely manner.
* The dealer...

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