Product Assessment

Product Assessment

Product Assessment

Michael Wagner

Marketing 100

Professor Humphries

May 5, 2013


This document will highlight the paper industry and its decline over the years. It will also look at a company (New York Times) within the paper industry, and how the industry has affected the company. The document will also attempt to show current target market demographics using U.S. Census Data and how that may be contributing to the industry’s decline. It will also look at why the industry declining in popularity.

The document will attempt to make recommendations to address the product’s declining appeal to consumers and potentially determine the best foreign country in which to market this product or service. The document will also discuss your product segmentation and positioning ideas for this product or service in its debut in the new country

Discuss this product or service in terms of its current target market demographics using U.S. Census Data.

The paper industry target market, specifically the New York Times, is older well off professionals or business owners. These target audiences are typically to the left (conservative) in terms of their polictical viws. The typical newspaper reader in the United States is older (65+), white and has obtained a college degree or higher. Currently, The New York Times targets a reader who falls into this demographic snapshot as well, with the added geographic variable of residing within the greater New York City area. While The New York Times is circulated both nationwide and worldwide, 46% of its circulation is within the thirty-onecounties that make up the greater New York City area (One Source Report - The New York Times Company).

Determine why you believe the product or service is declining in popularity

The newspaper has experienced a significant decline in revenue and circulation distributions, and this can be attributed to the rise of the internet. The internet...

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