Product Developement

Product Developement

6-9 Consider the financial aspects of the digital thermometer project. The project cost is estimated at $10,000. The total manufacturing cost of the digital thermometer, as called for in the specifications, total $150 (that is, $95 parts plus $40 labor plus $15 overhead). In order to sell each digital thermometer, consider an additional cost of $50 to cover the company’s administrative overhead and selling expenses. The net selling price of each digital thermometer will be $250. Determine the following using general problem-solving skills without considering the changing value of money due to inflation:
• a. What is the net profit for each digital thermometer sold?
• b. If the net profit is used to pay off the project development costs, how many digital thermometers will have to be sold to recover the $10,000 investment?
• c. At the projected annual volume of 1000 units per year for the product, roughly how long will it take until the $10,000 is recovered? This is the break-even point for the company.

7-7 Develop the top-level schedule for the construction of a new home using a Gantt chart format on a computer spreadsheet program. Include the major tasks listed below in an order that you think is appropriate and schedule tasks in parallel wherever possible.
Site excavation
Cellar walls and floor
Framing, including application of exterior plywood
Roofing Windows and doors
Heating/air conditioning
Interior walls
Interior floors
Bathroom and kitchen cabinets
Final site grading
Final inspection and certificate of occupancy

7-8 Repeat problem 7–7 using a PERT/CPM format schedule.

8-1 You are working with a design team on a new product and are assigned to design the power supply. The requirements for the power supply are as follows:
• Input AC: 115 V AC ±10%, 50–60 Hz
• +5 V DC at 100 ma ±12 V DC at 50 ma
Ripple: 10% ripple factor on each supply output Break down this design...

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