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Idea #1. Creating relationships should be a philosophy, not just a marketing strategy

Solis had great insights to kick off this topic:

You know, the concept of B2i is more important than the world of just business is ready to handle, but it is exactly what we're talking about in these [marketing] moments of truth.

What we're really talking about is just real people talking to real people, and I have often said that maybe the best thing for business is to think about it if we just stop talking B2C and B2B and really just started looking at P2P — just the idea of people-to-people.

Some of the best businesses that I'm working with today are looking — even though that they might have business customers — they're looking at what the relationship would be between their business customer and then the ultimate customer because they know that if they can empower their customer to think about the people that they're trying to reach, they could design a better product or service to not just add a competitive advantage, but to deliver a better experience proactively.

Then, they know that they're going to have a competitive advantage against all of the other B2B companies. And, they’re mindful about the customer, and to me this is incredibly important because without it, we are going to get caught up in business as usual, which is, as you know — design a product or service, sell it, market it incredibly well and then react to what happens.

When you can consider what it's like to deliver a better experience even as you are baking it into the product or service, when you're thinking about what reactions could look like, when you're thinking about how do you best … not just condition but introduce a positive experience in every step, then you have this fantastic relationship from the get-go and where the model of people to people is just literally proven in everything you do.

It's not just a matter of strategy, but it's almost like a matter of philosophy....

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