Production and Operations Management

Production and Operations Management

Unit 2
Module 1
Production and Operations Management

Nature of Production

-Production is a process in which inputs (factors of production) are passed through a conversion process (production process) to produce outputs (finished goods and services).

The Production Process

Methods of Production

-Job production is a method of production that involves producing custom work such as one off products or customised projects for specific clients.

-Batch production is a technique used in manufacturing in which the object is produced stage by stage over a series of work stations.
Note that in batch production all items in a batch move on to another stage in production at the same time

-Flow production is a production method which entails the moving of finished products from stage to stage immediately after they are complete without waiting for any other products.

-Cell production is a type of production which is based on group-technology principles whereby all machines dedicated to sequences of operations are grouped into cells. Each cell is responsible for completion of a particular process.

Performed by skilled workers, Single one off products, Small scale.
Each item in a batch of identical products passes through each stage of production together, production line can be changed quickly so different products can be made, requires semi-skilled labour to operate machinery and switch tasks.
Produces large outputs in a short time, products are standardised and don't require much alteration.
Each team or cell is responsible for a significant part of the finished article, Cells deal with other cells as if they were customers and take care of the quality of the product, Incorporates skilled labour.
Able to undertake specialist projects, Motivates workers as they make the whole product themselves.
Benefits of economies of scale are experienced due to...

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