Professional Accreditation Requirements

Professional Accreditation Requirements

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Professional Accreditation Requirements in My Major


Accreditation is "to recognize (an educational institution) as maintaining standards that qualify the graduates for admission to higher or more specialized institutions or for professional practice"(Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary). Accreditation is a sign for countries for any development and success. Due to accreditation trust can be found in any institution or company. There is process for every single field or major. So, each major has different requirements. Requirements are changeable from country to another. For example, in UK its different than in the US and different than in KSA. Nevertheless all of them agree on that.(American Psychological Association)

Importance of accreditation
Accreditation is a status that provides public notification that an institution or a program meets standers of quality set forth by an accrediting agency. Accreditation is also a process and as process, accreditation reflects the fact that in achieving recognition by the accreditation agency, the institution program is committed to self-study and external review in seeking not only to meet standards but to continuously seek for ways to enhance the quality of education and training provided. Accreditation is a measure for secretariat(Accreditation Answers).

The Process of Obtaining Accreditation

There are steps for Obtain Accreditation. The first one is pre accreditation and it is divided into several steps. The pre accreditation starts with eligibility Application is to be submitted to Pre Accreditation Committee (PAC) who will review application for accreditation standards issues, will assign a mentor to work with the applicant; mentor visits, and will forward a recommendation on eligibility criteria and scope of review to Accreditation Coordinating Committee (ACC) for concurrence....

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