Professional Development Plan

Professional Development Plan

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Professional Development Plan

June 17, 2013
Wallis Stemm

All of team A has taken the assessment and discovered that we are made up of cautious, dominant, and predominantly steadiness. There are two cautious members; Thomas and Matt. There are three dominant members; Amanda, Bryton, and An. There are two predominantly steadiness members; George and myself.

| | |
|Cautious |Thomas & Matt |
| | |
|Dominant |Amanda, Bryton, & An |
| | |
|Predominantly Steadiness |George & Myself |

As a manager of my learning team and the need to develop a plan to address the characteristics of my group as well as myself I have to look at the results of each members assessments. The results of the assessment will allow me to come to a consensus and be able to appoint members to the appropriate task in order to complete our assignments on time and effectively.

If we were to have Thomas and Matt as the cautious style leader we would have to ensure that we meet with them prior to starting the assignment. These type of leaders are analytical, persistent, systematic people who will enjoy problem solving. These two will need to have everything set out to the team in a set way in order for them to feel that the team is able to understand and complete their tasks. Should anyone on the team run into a problem they will be the first to offer help in order to be able to problem solve and come up with the solution. These two leaders would be very detailed-oriented when it comes to showing each member their tasks and how they expect...

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