Professional Knowledge and Success

Professional Knowledge and Success

Professional Knowledge and Abilities
Richard Anderson
University of Phoenix
Foundations for General Education and Professional Success
GEN 200 Revision 1
Michele Dougherty MAOM
November 24, 2009

Professional Knowledge and Abilities
Technology in the 21st Century workplace is advancing at a quantum pace and core subject matter provided in an average four-year information technology (IT) program is already defunct prior to graduation. Consequently, career-minded IT professionals looking to advance in their field must continually update the information and skills learned in school and on the job. To bridge the gap between present and future educational requirements, professional organizations like the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) offer access to extensive learning resources as well as collaboration with contemporaries to ensure advancement and evolution of the global IT knowledge base.

The Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) was formed in 1996 and in 2008 established its current vision and mission to become a world leading society for information technology professionals. The association also provides employers and employees a venue to broaden the competency and skills of IT personnel worldwide and seeks to serve as a comprehensive data repository for technological advancements where educators and students alike can contribute, learn, and interact. AITP organizational structure is comprised of elected officers, a board of directors and a streamlined operating staff. To ensure the highest standards of performance are maintained, membership is governed by well-defined ethics and a code of conduct that embraces and fosters professionalism, integrity and innovation.

AITP membership opens new portals to collaboration, learning and career advancement IT career personnel. For individuals desiring to enhance their current knowledge or those who are just beginning their careers, AITP offers...

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