Professional Sports and the Us Economy

Professional Sports and the Us Economy

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The Impact of Professional Sports on the U.S. Economy

Do professional sports have a “major league” impact on the US economy? Most professional sports such as the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, the Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League have teams that are associated with a city of the United States. Most of these professional sports teams have lower level teams that they are associated with so they can groom up and coming professionals. Across the United States, there are millions of dollars being spent on these professional sports teams and their stadiums. Where is the money coming from and how is the US economy being affected by their revenues?

In Greenville, SC the Boston Red Sox has a sister team here in our own city of named the Greenville Drive. The West End Field where the Greenville Drive plays their home games is modeled after Fenway Park which is home to the Boston Red Sox. The West End Field baseball stadium was named “Ballpark of the Year” for the 2006 season by the baseball enthusiast web site During the 2007 year, there were over $1 million dollars of renovations and upgrades to the West End Field stadium. (Greenville Drive Ballpark) With all the money being spent on stadiums and advertising one would think there is a money tree from which the franchises are funding these projects. However, at West End Field several of the renovations this year include the Coca-Cola dugout that select fans can be at ground level. The Bi-Lo play ground which allows the rambucious young children to play in a safe haven. Also “The Spinx 500 Club” which is the largest outdoor bar and grill in Greenville is being renovated. This are just a few of the many renovations and newly added feature to the West End stadium. (Greenville Drive New) Every renovation mentioned above has a company name attached to it and most likely has a lot of company funds flowing into the renovation. Those types...

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