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American Medical Association
Physicians dedicated to the health of America




Organizational Ethics in Healthcare
Toward a Model for Ethical Decision-making by Provider Organizations

Institute for Ethics National Working Group Report


Organizational Ethics in Health Care: Toward a Model for Ethical Decision Making by Provider Organizations
David Ozar, PhD Jessica Berg, JD Patricia H. Werhane, PhD Linda Emanuel, MD, PhD

for the National Working Group on Health Care Organizational Ethics convened by the Institute for Ethics at the American Medical Association. The paper is the work of the four authors on behalf of participants in the Working Group, from whom the authors have drawn concepts as well as proposals for and critiques of drafts.The Working Group included executives from health care organizations and regulatory agencies and scholars from business ethics, medical ethics, and institutional ethics.The authors would also like to acknowledge input received from Paul Schyve, Loren Roth, and Mary Ann Bailey. The views and opinions contained in this report are those of the authors and should in no way be construed as representing the official policies of the American Medical Association.

Laurie Badzek, RN, MS, JD, LLM Associate Professor West Virginia University School of Nursing

Steven Pearson, MD Department of Ambulatory Care and Prevention Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

Jessica Wilen Berg, JD Assistant Professor of Law and Bioethics Case Western Reserve University

John Santa, MD Medical Director HealthFirst Medical Group

Allen E. Buchanan, PhD Department of Philosophy University of Arizona

Patricia Werhane, PhD Professor of Business Ethics Darden Business School University of Virginia

Kurt Darr, JD, ScD, FACHE Professor, Health Services Management and Policy The George Washington University

Susan M. Wolf, JD Professor of Law & Medicine University of Minnesota Law School and...

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