Profestional Interview

Profestional Interview

1. What is your title?

Brigade S6 / Chief Information Officer (CIO)

2. What are your responsibilities?

Supervise future and current operations for brigade.

3. What kinds of skills do you need to perform your job?

IT experience with automation and tactical. Army Type systems. Coordinate management and leadership.

4. Describe what you do during a typical day.

Sit in a lot of meetings, future planning, and making decisions.

5. What other jobs have you held that might have helped prepare you for this position?

Started in infantry, which helped with management and understanding customers. Battalion S6, and a 6 month internship in IT.

6. Do you have people who work for you, and what do they do?

He has many who work under him a couple key ones are: S6 Signal System Support Technician; Implement Information Assurance plans. S6 Signal Support System Chief; to operate, executes, maintain, and supervise all S6 soldiers and equipment in the Tactical Operations Command.

7. What is one of the most challenging things about the work you do?

Coordinate Dealing with DOOM (the main Network Admin for the Base) and Security requirements.

8. What time management tips could you suggest?

Thou micromanaging is important don’t get to involved in it, keep it simple. On a personal note don’t spend too much time on email, if I did I would spend every day on just reading emails.

9. How do you balance your family, job, work, and leisure time?

When I am at work I am at work and when I am at home I am at home. I never take work home and home to work, and never will the to meet.

10. What advice would you give to someone interested in this career?

If in the military become a Chief Warrant Officer, you will always have to learn management and how to understand people. Communications is key, and remember who you are talking to try n keep the tech jargon to a minimal.

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