Profit from I.T.

Profit from I.T.

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On being interviewed about the profit from the IT application in higher education, most teachers and students agreed that IT truly has great impacts on improving education’s quality.
Accordingly, more than half of the students (54%) agreed that IT has improved the quality of courses. One important component of IT is the World Wide Web with a variety of information and materials assisting education. In addition, technology tools like the word processor, projector, and power point help teachers to plan lessons and convey them to the students more easily and effectively.

❖ In term of students’ necessary skills, IT integration into higher education actually gives them opportunities to improve computer skills. Gaining skills in literacy also multiplies the opportunity for students’ learning to get a diversity of information to expand the knowledge.

❖ More to the point, thanks to the high-speed technology, time consumed in teaching and learning will be reduced. Such advantages of technology tools like e-mail, interactive telecommuting, voice messaging will help cut down wasted time.

2.2 Challenges of wide spreading IT application in teaching and learning in Hanoi’s universities.
Although the benefits of IT incorporation in higher education are immense, a range of barriers inhibits the integration of instructional technology.

❖ The first challenging difficulty is that we have not invested adequately on technology facilities.
A large number of students (77%) said that lack of financial support for facilities has negatively influenced on the success of application of IT in teaching and learning. The lack of entire understanding about the enormous role of computers and limited fund has resulted in the inappropriate investment into IT facilities and human resources.

❖ Still, it is a serious problem that not all teachers and students have sufficient knowledge to make use...

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