Profound Mystery of Wheat Milling Plant

Profound Mystery of Wheat Milling Plant

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Wheat milling plant is a very deep knowledge. Wheat can be used for leather, endosperm and malt separation grinding operation. Because of endosperm and bran combination is very close, their separation, should be carefully scraped clean, minimizing the loss, avoid waste.

The whole WHEAT MILLING PLANT process is divided into rough grinding, purification and reduction. Inside a large wheat flour mill factory, flour milling machinery has four programs: The first step is screening, vibrating screen impurities filtered out of the wheat inside. The second process is a water jet cleaning. Wheat flour milling machine is the main equipment in flour milling process , choose a good quality flour machinery is bound to improve production quality and efficiency, but the flour machine operation management level are also largely determine the quality of the products, flour yield.The one hand, but also to ensure clean and healthy food, the other hand, favor late skinned. The third step: transport wheat.

Conveyor belt transporting wheat up. Fourth procedures: grinding surface. Machinery and equipment up and down the mill, continuous processing. It is mainly used to grind corn, wheat, rice and other grains or cereals into powder with different sizes and specifications. It can clean wheat surface .also can break the mud block inside wheat then discharge from the ash outlet. This can produce flour. The wheat milling plant processing equipment specific maintenance as follows: Dust, temperature, humidity, vibration, noise, corrosion and other factors should pay attention to strict control, and reduce the error. To ensure that all instruments countertops fixed, flat, consistent with requirements.

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