Programme Leadership

Programme Leadership

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Unit 7.6 Programme Leadership Level 7 10 Credits

Sample Assignment
You have been working for some time in a large organisation that frequently has several programmes of projects running at any one time. You have recently undertaken an external training course in programme leadership and you have now been given your first opportunity to manage a programme for your organisation. As this is your first programme you are expected to check each step you take with an experienced mentor in the organisation. In carrying out this assignment you should either use an organisation you have or currently work for and know well at strategic level or use a case study. Firstly you need to consider the business strategy in order to plan and agree the programme and projects. Task 1 In preparation for your first meeting with your mentor make detailed notes on the following:   An analysis of the business strategy and identify programme objectives and benefits How you intend to negotiate with identified stakeholders to establish a range of projects which deliver the programme benefits

You then need to:   Produce a plan for the programme and explain how you will agree the programme with the programme management group Produce a plan for the projects and activities. Explain how you will agree these projects and activities with the project managers

Your second consultation with your mentor will be a conversation. Task 2 At the meeting you intend to give your mentor a hand-out showing how you will lead the programme of related projects. The hand-out must cover the following areas:      How you will lead the co-ordination of the projects within the programme How you will manage the programme resources to achieve the project and programme objectives How you will review and monitor the projects and address any issues that arise How you will report programme progress and results to stakeholders How you will close down the projects and programme

Your final preparatory...

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