PROGRESS IN HEAVEN Based on Rev. 7:13-17
By Pastor Glenn Pease

The story is told of an old farmer who frequently gave his testimony at prayer meetings, and it was always the same. He would say, "I am not making much progress, but I am established." One spring this farmer was hauling was logs when his wagon sank into the mud in a soft spot in the road. As he sat there reviewing the situation a neighbor came by and said, "I see everything is normal. You aren't making any progress, but you are established." Many people feel established when they are really only stuck. The fact is, progress is essential to the Christian life, for not to be moving ahead is to be slipping back.

Two Irishmen were walking from New York to Yonkers. After a long walk they inquired from a man how far it was to Yonkers. "Five miles," he replied. After walking again for a considerable time they asked another passer-by. He also said it was five miles. They pursued their journey and finally asked a 3rd man. "Its just five miles," he responded. One of the Irishmen said to the other, "Well, we're holding our own anyway." The fact is, they were losing ground, for all of their efforts was getting them no nearer to their destination. You are not holding your own if you are not moving forward.

Progress is linked to the idea of the abundant Christian life. Paul had not attained all that Christ saved him for, but he was ever pressing on to reach it. That is the motive of all who really understand that life and growth go together. Longfellow in A Psalm Of Life wrote,

Not enjoyment, and not sorrow,
Is our destined end or way;
But to act that each tomorrow
Finds us further than today.

It is universally recognized that progress is essential in this life, but this unity does not continue when we look at eternal life. Christians generally have not thought very deeply about life in heaven, and the result is they tended to jump to the...

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