Progress Report

Progress Report


TO: Professor Barbara Vogel
SUBJECT: Progress Report I
DATE: July 10, 2008

The purpose of this report is to inform you on the group’s progress towards the completion of our wills and probate manual; an instructional manual on the process of writing and executing wills and trusts for the residents of Missouri, who are interested in creating a will and trust at a reasonable cost and with little or no assistance from an attorney.
Our group is comprised of four team members:
• Karen Terry who is responsible for writing and editing the group papers and the overall accuracy of the final project.
• Aneca Luss is the paralegal and presenter of the group as she has experience working in the legal field.
• Pamela Lee is the lead researcher of the group.
• Janessa Smith is responsible for the design and illustrations of the final project as well as the production of the PowerPoint presentation and handouts.
Our group is well on its way to producing the will and probate manual, we have assigned duties to each member and so far the progress has been satisfactory.
Completed Work
Types of wills

We are not able to address all the family situations in our wills and probate manual, therefore we have decided to limit the information in our wills and probate manual to the family situations that most people have, such as married, single, with or without children or living with a significant other.

Missouri law

Since laws vary from state to state we are not able to adequately provide comprehensive information for all users in a manual that at the same time conforms to the limits of this class, therefore we have agreed to only present information relevant to the state of Missouri and more specifically the St. Louis area. This will limit our audience but will better direct them to resources that they may require in the preparation of their wills.


We have obtained information from the Missouri...

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