Project Charter

Project Charter

Genrays Project Charter

Project Charter

GenRays’ Human Resource Information System

Project Charter


September 16, 2014

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Project Title

GenRays’ Human Resource Information System (HRIS) Implementation


The main purpose of the GenRays’ HRIS project is to replace the primitive legacy system by centralizing and streamlining Human Resource’s (HR) functions, and improving the current HR processes while facilitating growth and saving money across the organization.


A human resource information system is a centralized tool, which facilitates collaboration within the organization by improving and streamlining such processes such as allowing employees to create and track their career goals, providing more transparency in hiring, being able to identify well-qualified applicants, and automating the processing of paychecks and expense reports.

It captures all data related to Human Resources and Payroll and provides the tools necessary for management to monitor and track this data, so they can better align their departmental goals with the goals of the organization.


The major objectives for introducing an HRIS are to:

• Select and implement an HRIS across the enterprise that will enable standardized HR business processes, improve efficiency, reduce the number of databases to maintain, and eliminate the need for additional bolt-on systems.

• Provide more robust tracking of employee and position information, enabling improved management decision making through on-demand data analysis and reporting.

• Improve recruiting capabilities by providing self-service applications and the ability for management to analyse the...

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