Project Management: the Managerial Process

Project Management: the Managerial Process

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Project Management: The Managerial Process



CHAPTER 1 Modern Project Management
What is a project?
The project life cycle
The project manager The importance of project management
Snapshot from practice: The best wireless phone in the world
Snapshot from practice: The emergence of e.Schwab The evolution of project management systems
Project management today-- An integrative approach
Integration of projects with the strategic plan
Integration within the process of managing actual projects
Research Highlights: Chaos: Software Projects
Text overview
Review questions & exercises
Case: South American Adventures Unlimited

CHAPTER 2 Integration of Organization Strategy with Projects
Strategic management process: an overview
Research highlights: Muddling
Absence of a priority system linked to strategy creates problems
Snapshot from practice: The SAS turnaround
Project selection and organizational politics
Moving to an effective organization priority system
A generic selection and priority system
Snapshot from practice: Y2K projects
Assessing the effectiveness of the priority system: The balanced scorecard model Case study: A detailed selection priority model from practice
Review questions & exercises
Case: Jarvis Communication Corporation
Case: Hector-Gaming Company
Case: Project priority system
Appendix 1: Roles and responsibilities of key players
Appendix 2: Interview questionnaire

CHAPTER 3 Defining the Project
Step 1: Defining the project scope
Snapshot from practice: The project scope statement
Step 2: Establishing project priorities
Step 3: Creating the work breakdown structure
Step 4: Integrating the WBS with the organization
Snapshot from practice: Year 2000 games – Sidney Australia
Step 5: Coding WBS for the information system
Project rollup
Top-down versus...

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