Project Management

Project Management

Project Management
Final Exam Review

As I got to working on your final exam, I thought I needed to give you a question that would be open-ended. You need an opportunity to integrate the material we have been working on this semester. It will help you get ready for that comprehensive exam later in your program. Your final will be 150 points. About 50 of those points will relate to a scenario I describe that is a problem needing an information system.

I will expect you to make a decision as to what process to employ and be able to justify your decision in terms of the scenario.
You will need to describe your project plan.
You won’t be able to do a task analysis but you could describe what you would do to determine a project schedule.
You will need to be able to give a concise statement of the problem.
You will know enough about the scenario that you can write some functional requirements.
You can tell me how you would determine the requirements.
You should be able to state some non-functional requirements.
You should be able describe how you would do risk analysis.
You should be able to state some possible risks and how you might mitigate those.
Given a goal for the project you should be able to describe a metric you might use to ascertain your progress towards that goal.

Then for whichever process you select for this problem, you should be able to describe the process and various tasks that make up that process. You should be able to relate it to your scenario.

1. Be able to describe how you would manage changes. What are the sources of these changes? What are your options in dealing with changes?,M1
2. How do you analyze the impact of proposed changes to the system...

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