Project manager

Project manager

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Terry Benedict,
Massive Hedge Funds,
London, Ontario

Dear Mr. Benedict,

It is my privilege to present you a business proposal in the field of emerging technologies which shall mutually benefit MHF and APC. With careful study and analysis over a brief period, we will have a market share in the wearable technology.


Wearable technology is an emerging sector in the field of technology. As the name suggests wearable technology can be any wearable to simplify certain tasks. The enormous popularity in Internet of Things has led to a success of wearable technology. According to IDC, wearable market share has a staggering 126% rise year-on-year growth.

The Plan

Sector: Wearables are on a rise in all sectors, as they have now gone main stream. We shall be analyzing the healthcare and sports sector of the wearable technology. Capability of a wearable to monitor heart rates, sleep cycles, steps, etc. has led to a successful collaboration of health and technology. Athletes can now get their real time data to improve performance and physicians can track health disorders of patients.

Proposal: We shall develop a wearable and a mobile application that shall draw vital data for a rich collaboration of healthcare and technology. We shall be analyzing large market shareholders. Collaborate with athletes and physicians to blend the idea of a health oriented wearable watch. Collecting real time data and monitoring all the activities throughout the day.

Why: The aim is to reduce healthcare costs. Physicians will be able to treat patients on their wearable watch report as well. Athletes can improve their performances.

When: You shall receive a complete report in a span of six weeks. With analysis and surveys based on major health concerns and athletes’ fitness, my team and I will come up with a unified solution (wearable + mobile app). We have scheduled to meet sportsmen, physicians for vital information on this project. With careful...

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