Project Proposal Cpp - Flexible Working

Project Proposal Cpp - Flexible Working

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Flexible working practices

Author: ***** *****

Organisation: ****************

A Project Proposal submitted for the Certificate in Personnel Practice (CPP)

03 November 2008


Organisational info....

Where do they sit in Educational sector
Size – turnover, employees
Structure - flat
Mission / values
Corp objectives
HR Assistant @ ****** – Agency
HR vision
HR structure

Reasons for considering this topic/area

As I have only worked within Human Resources for the past 5 months, there were many areas of Human Resources that I felt I could and needed to explore further. However an area that has always interested me and that I feel is extremely diverse and ever changing is Employment Law. In particular I am keen to investigate Employee rights and the effects that statutory law has on the functioning of ****** as an Organisation and particularly the implications for the Human Resources function.

For the purpose of this work-based project, I will be looking at the idea of flexible working practices at ****** and reviewing the current usage of these in light of the recent and forthcoming changes in legislation.

I believe this is an important topic to consider as Organisations generally over the past 10 years have needed to adapt to the changes in the structure of the UK labour market and the growing demand by employees for flexibility in achieving a work-life balance.

Recent changes in legislative requirements have impacted greatly on the running of the Human Resources department at ****** and therefore vitally impacts on the policies and procedures that we have implemented in order to maintain legal compliance.
The recent review of the flexible working regulations undertaken by the Government to possibly increase the child related age limit to 16 has been accepted and is likely to be implemented in spring 2009. This will cause implications for ******'s current policy on flexible working and given that the...

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