Project Proposal - Sun Medical Center

Project Proposal - Sun Medical Center

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SUN MEDICAL CENTRE (SMC) to be set-up in Banting will be established to provide medical and healthcare services for the people in Banting, Klang and surrounding area within the Kuala Langat District. The business promises to be lucrative for the following reasons:

• There is a great need for an excellent Medical Centre in Banting especially for the middle class market which is largely ignored by the current healthcare providers. At present there are none except for the Government Hospital and a few private clinics. The actual market is therefore substantial and has a potential 20% annual growth in the next two to three years

• The initial target market, which is only 25% of the ultimate target market, has virtually no competitors, and this gives the Medical Centre the easy entrance it needs to start

• The location within the Banting town business centre is ideal for a Medical Centre

• The ability to accomplish goals and lead is significantly related to the know-how of its management team on the health and medical industry

• The high standards and yet affordable to the vast majority of the population will make it difficult for unscrupulous competitors to enter the market

• The Medical Centre will be equipped with up-to-date facilities to cater for the services to be provided

As a result, the Medical Centre has a unique opportunity to capture a sizeable portion of the market and make a significant business profit.

The Medical Centre is expected to generate revenue of nearly RM60 Million in next five years, with a return on capital employed of 83%.


SUN MEDICAL CENTRE is seeking a term loan of RM8 Million to finance the project.

The fund will allow the company to finance the initial start-up costs, facilities and hospital equipment as well as for operating capital. The expected return of investment is 20% per annum. The estimated breakdown...

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