Project Rainbow

Project Rainbow

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Time travel. Teleportation. Invisibility. These terms are synonymous with Project Rainbow. Project Rainbow which is also known as The Philadelphia Project was an experiment that intended to use Einstein’s Unified Field Theory, a study in electromagnetism, which if successful would enable the US Navy to cloak navel vessels from proximity mines and enemy sonar by bending the magnetic waves that surround the ships’ hull. According to eye witnesses something went horribly wrong.

In the late summer of 1943 in a naval yard in Pennsylvania, the USS Eldridge was docked with a small, elite crew. The Eldridge was lined, stem to stern, with electrical conduit which was intended to charge the magnetic field around the small destroyer, rendering it invisible to radar. Eyewitness testimony claims that instead, a green fog surrounded the vessel and then disappeared along with the vessel itself, only the still water where the boat had been remained. The ship suddenly reappeared hundreds of miles away in Norfolk, Virginia. The Eldridge then just as suddenly teleported back to Pennsylvania.

Upon the ships reappearance, the mortified scientists raced aboard the ship only to find the crew in extreme disarray. Some of this elite crew were nauseous and disoriented, others disappeared and never returned, and some were even fused to the hull of the ship. The remaining crew were promptly diagnosed as mentally ill, which according to conspiracy theorists, was perfect for discrediting the crew accounts of what had transpired. This however did not keep the incident from reaching the mainstream media at the time.

Accounts of the crewmembers stories began to surface rapidly. Many accounts were immediately reduced to government paranoia or dismissed as being part of the UFO craze with the events of Roswell, New Mexico transpiring only ten years before. Many of the crew were admitted to mental asylums and even arrested for disturbing the peace. However there were many...

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