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Environmental Intervention Partner Project

Objective: Students will propose an ‘Ecology Intervention’ for an ecological issue of their choosing and prepare a statement to present to congress.


After completing the Ecology unit and learning about the delicate balance within an ecosystem consider the impact that humans have in your community.

Paragraph 1:

- Select a specific way in which humans impact the ecosystem negatively.

o Describe your selected human action and how it effects the ecosystem

▪ Consider

• biotic and abiotic factors

• any processes that the human action impact and describe them. (i.e. using fertilizer creates algal blooms that inhibit photosynthesis and deplete oxygen from aquatic ecosystems)

• Why is it important to address this issue (What would happen if we left this issue unchecked)

Paragraphs 2-3:

- Propose and describe environmental intervention to help irradiate the impact of your selected human action:

o Community Engagement Project (Ex: A day where people work together to complete a specific task)

o Legislation (Ex: A reasonable law that rewards or punishes particular actions)

o Educational Program (Design an educational program that aims to educate a specific group of people).

o Communications/Ad Campaign ( A commercial or other form of communication aimed at a large group of people to promote change, Ex: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

- Consider:

o Your Target Audience

▪ Who is your program aimed to engage? (Example: All High school students in Prince George’s County)

o Resources

▪ What resources will you need in order to complete your project

▪ Where will you get these resources

o Barriers

▪ Is there anyone or anything that may prevent your project from being a success? (Attitudes or beliefs of individuals or groups)

• Example: People don’t see the connection between...

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